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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Semi-Spring day out! (OOTD)

So today was a nice day... Take a look at what I wore.

 Hello there, peeps! 
 Today my friend and I took a walk and sat by the panoramic view of the mountains in a building-top cáfe. Although it is still February, and despite the fact that we live in a winter-resort, the weather was absolutely lovely! It felt like Spring, so we took advantage of it! 

Our lovely lattes! <3 

  So now let me just show you my outfit. It is really simple, yet it looks cute (or at least I think so :D), Since it was really warm outside I skipped the jacket and wore a vest with furry collar. Underneath I wore this super cute and bubbly, white with pink stripes, sweater. I like it a lot and it's suitable for that time of the year, when you want to keep yourself warm, yet not get sweaty.It is high-low and that only adds more cuteness. On my legs I am wearing plain black skinny jeans. To put my wallet and phone I also took with me a plain white cross-body bag. 

Vest - Liz Claiborne
Sweater - Pink Rose

Jeans - Odue Gallery 1982

   To complete the outfit, I added some jewellery. I am wearing my white Q&Q wrist watch and a white braided bracelet. On my neck I am wearing this really beautiful horn necklace  ( The horn is a symbol of strength and I absolutely love the meaning behind it!), but just like the bracelet I have no idea where I got it from. I also wore a pair of sunglasses.

I forgot to mention that I also have my orthodox knotted bracelet in pink on too.

Sunglasses - Polar Glare
  To finish the look I paired it with my black studded boots, that add a little bit of edginess to the whole outfit.

I bought those from Tendenz, but I don't know by what brand they are.
  So here it was, my Outfit Of The Day! I hope you enjoyed and if you did please make sure to leave your feedback in the comments below! Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

Have a blessed day, like mine!


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