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Saturday, June 21, 2014

My summer eye makeup!

   Hello there beauties! 

   I have some explaining to do, I know! I haven't posted in such a long time! I don't have any particular reason, it's just one week until summer break and we had tons and tons of homework and stuff to do! I am here now and I hope that I can be more persistant during the summer! 

   So today I have something a little bit different than what I usually do. I have never done a tutorial and It's a little bit messed up, but bare with me since this is my first tutorial ever! Speaking of messed up, the lighting on some of the pictures is different for which I am terribly sorry! I hope you like this anyway! :)

   You are going to need:

  • Any golden shimmery eyeshadow. I am using Rainbow Priorities Eyeshadow Mono in the shade No. 19 "Sand"
  • Bronzing powder - make sure it's mat, to compliment the shimmer in the golden eyeshadow. I am using my Flormar pretty compact powder No. 195.
  • Fluffy blending brush.
  • Eyeliner. It can be liquid, gel, powder whatever you prefer. I am using IMPALA's liquid eyeliner wit silky brush.
  • Mascara. I am using the Eveline Cosmetics Big Volume Lash professional Mascara.

   You want to start off with clean and primed eyelids. You can prime them with primer, concealer or like I did - a simple face cream would do. 

   Next you want to apply your shimmery eyeshadow on your lid. You can use a flat brush if you want to, but I am using my ring finger.

   It's time for you to put that bronzing powder and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! You can either apply the bronzer in your crease with a flat brush, creating kind of a triangle shape towards the end of your eyebrow, or you can take the product with your blending brush like I am doing and start blending from the outer part of the crease towards the middle part. Use gentle strokes and circular motions.

   You are almost ready! Now apply the eyeliner to your preferences. You can make it as thick or as thin as you want, as long as you line the eye beautifully.

   Lastly - MASCARA! My favourite part of any eye look! In fact, I can never leave the house without at least a tiny bit of mascara. It makes the eyes look so gorgeous and expressive!

   Ta da!!! You are done! I hope you liked this beautiful and light summer makeup and if you did please make sure you share it with your friends. Let me know in the comments below what you think! 

Have a great day ladies!


  1. I love this natural, light shimmery summer look. It's perfect for everyday I wish I could draw a winged line like this.

    1. Haha, thank you so much! And the liner isn't even the way I wanted it to be, but.... :D You know you can, practise makes perfect! :)