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Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Golden Rose CAT WALK Mascara

Hello there beautiful people! I just ran out of my Scandaleyes Rimmel mascara and I needed a new one.. I was looking for a long time and I found a reliable alternate! The CAT WALK mascara by Golden Rose!!!

   So, if you've been checking out my blog for quite some time you would know about my obsession with Golden Rose and their products! This one is not a disappointment either! I find this mascara really good and I like it a lot. 

Let's start off with the packaging, as usual, because it is super cute. There's something about the orange colour that caught my eye in the store. From the same collection there were a lilac one ( The City Style mascara) and a yellow one (Maxim Eyes mascara). But without even reading the headlines I grabbed the orange one - it appealed to me the most! 

The second thing is the brush. This one is in shape that I have never used before, and I feel like it is super useful. That is one of the reasons I choose it instead of the other two - the lilac one has a wand comparable to the Rocket Mascara's by Maybelline and the yellow one has almost identical wand to the one of Scandaleyes mascara's by Rimmel London. Both I've used already.This one is new to me and I am nicely surprised! It separates the lashes like no other wand. It doesn't smudge and the great thing about it, is that the product is always evenly applied. It doesn't only give length, but it gives volume and body too. It is easy to apply mascara to the downer lashes too, since at the very begging of the wand the bristles are smaller.

One disadvantage, though, is that it can give you spider-lashes if you don't apply it carefully, like I did. Some of my lashes have a little get-together on the picture, but I promise you that in person and applied carefully the product does amazing job. :D :) 

So there it was - my review on the Cat Walk Mascara by GR. Make sure to rate it, share it and comment if you liked it! I hope you did!!!



  1. Wow your lashes are amazing!! ..or amazing mascara ha! xx


  2. The packaging is super cute and your lashes are so long! I use Scandaleyes eyeliner- i didn't realise they made a mascara! Though i think you have swayed me towards this mascara :)

  3. WOW your eye lashes are amazing. I'm so jealous right now xx