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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My favourite looks of CHANEL's Spring- Summer 2014 collection

               So I just checked out the Spring-Summer '14 collection by CHANEL and I am not disappointed. As usual, CHANEL represents colour and classiness! There were some pieces that especially caught my attention, so I will share my opinion with you, lovelies! Hope you enjoy!

           One thing that caught my eye was the lace - throughout the whole collection there is lace and I love that. That's the reason I got inspired to give my opinion, and as a disclaimer I want to add that this is just my opinion and you are free to leave your comments below telling me what you liked and what you didn't. I by no means criticize this amazing brand that I adore. Thank you for your attention! :) 
                   So firstly I will go with the more colourful looks that I liked out of the collection, I thought I'd like more of them but it turned out that I only got fascinated by three simple but amazing looks.
          The first one is this gorgeous three-piece outfit. A ton of lace!!! The mixture of beautiful spring colours and lace will never go out of style. This look though is more of a one-coloured one. It only has pink and white, and this combination is outrageous! 

          The next colourful piece of art is this amazing dress. Colourful and lacy - the things you can count on, if you want to gather the eyes of everyone.

          This is my last colourful choice, but it's so perfect. I love the combination of yellow and white, and when you add that hint of hot pink you got me! This is a unique look. Not to mention the cute matching hand-bag! In this collection a big role is played by the white socks, and socks overall. That idea really appealed to me! It looks playful and girly, yet classy! Typical CHANEL.

          Now with the more white, black and grey looks. My first choice is this symphony of black and white, and of course lace! It looks super sophisticated, and in combination with this cute silver cross-body bag and white sock,s in white and black heels, it's fascinating! 

           This one is two-pieced I believe - skirt and a blazer. I think that blazers look super nice on all types of girls. And I feel like this look in particular would fit a more petite figure perfectly! There's one thing that bothers me, though - the length of the skirt. A little bit longer would've been perfect. The accent on the matching gloves is amazing.

          Now this is one of my absolute favourites! This dress looks so good, and it can be worn not only on the catwalk, but also in our every-day life! I feel like this dress can be dressed up, but it can also be worn more casually. The lacy cut in-between adds so much uniqueness and accent to the whole look. Let's not forget the black socks - such a nice finish to the outfit!

          Okay, I have an unhealthy obsession with the white colour and this just grabbed me! I don't have much to say about it, I just adore it! + It's also paired with this amazing silver cross-body bag. I feel my obsession with it growing more and more! This one in my opinion, is also a look that can be rocked in our every-day life.

         And applause, please, for my favourite look of all. It is so fancy looking and it's so complimenting. I love it! This is an awesome-looking dress with an unique suture. 

          White! This long vest is something that catches the eye!It has hints of colour and remarkable texture. I adore it. The dress itself is simple but complimenting and crafty accented with buttons.And of course - white. 

          Next up and last, but not least - this black and white, classical look. Lacy blouse put over a clean black dress. White socks and the white and black heels. Perfect and also transitional to everyday wear. 

I hope you enjoyed and make sure to leave your opinion in the comment section below. 

Have a blessed day! :) 


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  5. Some beautiful pieces. I love the lace details and different patterns!


  6. Awesome collection - from your favourite looks I love the second and seventh <3
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  7. love the accessories! especially those pearl necklaces!
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  8. I really liked that chanel collection, love the first look you posted

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  9. Oh my I just love all the tartan!! They make everything look so classic!

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  23. I love this collection!
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