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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Don't let it affect you!

   Hello there people!I decided to let my thoughts out on a very special subject for me - someone else's bad attitude affecting you! If you'd like to know what I think about it, keep reading!

   I've been thinking a lot about how others' bad attitude can affect you. Every day I bump into people that have only negative things to say. They only see the bad in every situations. They only judge, they only threaten that they are going to do this or that. They have an unhealthy outlook on life.

   And unfortunately this affects us - the positive people, who believe in the good, who believe that every situation can be viewed as something good and who believe that there's always a way out. We get down by people with bad attitude. We feel sorry for these people, but at the same time they non-stop accuse us in believing too much, in being all bubbly and stuff. They make us feel like our beliefs will never change the world, and even worse - that they are untrue and that in the "real life" things can never work out the way we think they would. We get affected, we feel down. We start questioning our own outlook!

   That's so unfair! It's unfair and sad, because our positivity and our always good mood never affects them. For those people it's harder to smile, than to frown and to always complain. They don't get our good attitude and they try their best to make us feel bad. Even if you are truthful to them, or if you try to help them, they get offended. They make you feel like you have done something bad. In reality it's their own fault. Don't feel down just because someone could not read the positive vibes you were trying to send. Those people will always accuse you in something, they will make fun of you, but remember - in the end of the day you are the one free from boundaries and in peace with your inner self.

   Even if you try to help them, these people will never, ever change. That's how they've decided to live. That's how they think it's best. You don't have to suffer yourself, because of them. Your thoughts are your life. Your life is what you think of it, so don't let someone's bad attitude affect your own.

   I don't want to sound bad towards anyone. I am sending only positivity! I am sharing my opinion, but I believe that everyone can have their own point of view and their own understandings. What I am trying to pursue with this article, is not to offence anyone. I just think that you can be whatever you want, as long as it doesn't affect anyone in a bad way. 

   Thank you so much, for taking the time to read this. :) 

   Take care!

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