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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Following your dreams

" You can't do it!....    

                    .... You are acting ridiculous ...             ....Stop living in gum - bubble!                                                                         ...Don't be stupid! ...                                     .....Drop those pink glasses!... "

    Ever heard of those?
   Yeah, me too. People, and adults in particular, often tend to lead you into the ''right'' path. Saying things, trying to get you over the idea of pursuing illusionary " utopias ".  They act like guardians - wise and skilled. We shouldn't blame them - their opinion is based on their missed opportunities and unchased dreams.

  You probably guessed it by now - the topic is following your dreams. All you need to do is believe in yourself and follow only the path that your heart leads you to. The main advice I can give is keep doing what you love and you are going to be rewarded. It doesn't matter if you want to be mathematician, engineer, singer, artist, actor or publisher. Writer or dancer. The main point is that if you do it with passion and you love it, than it is the right thing for you. Forget about what everyone else says. Forget about the money you have, or you don't, and let go of the fear of regret and disappointment. 

  Also, isn't the main purpose of life happiness? Isn't it giving your best and feeling yourself? Isn't it creating something unique that you and ONLY YOU can do? If something makes you happy and you love it keep doing it. There might be people doing it better than you. There might be people having it bigger than you. There might be people below you. However, there is no single person out there who can do it just the same as you. There is no one else that will express their persona exactly like you. Your uniqueness will lead your way. All you have to do , with risk of repeating myself , is believing. Fear is stupid, so are regrets. Do it, do it with your eyes closed if you have to, but do it. Gift yourself with the greatest gift of all - freedom. Show the world what you have to offer.

 Dreams are often called illusions and fake, unrealistic perspectives of reality. The truth is, that reality is what is fake. The reality that everyone talks about is this grey picture of death desert. Grey jobs, grey attitude, grey life. No colour, no happy faces. Dreams, on the other hand make the world colourful. They bring hope and broaden the mind. They create inner peace, and focus our energy and power to an aim. Aim that gives meaning to our lives. 
 Dreams are bigger than critics and negative comments. They are powerful. Arm yourself with patience and peace. Live your life with arms wide open, because you never know when your chance is going to come and give you a hug. Reply to mean comments with smile and open mind. Never bring anyone down, because you know how critics sound like, right?

And remember one thing - you have the ability to accomplish everything. You have it all in you. Just hold on tight and work your ass off. If you want it, go get it. Follow your target. The Universe is a pretty big place and there is space under the sun for everyone! You just gotta go and get yours!

Dream, dream, dream....

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