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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Watch Obsession? Check out my modest watch collection!

I adore watches! I personally think they are fascinating and the bestEST piece of jewellery! If you are like me and you love them, make sure you keep reading. Find out what is the content of my collection and my review of each piece. 

1. My number one watch - both in the collection and in my heart ( hehe, so deep) - is this rose gold Bershka watch. It is really well done and the style of it is pretty detailed. I love the accent on the indicators. It was a gift from my lovely boyfriend and that only adds more points to the final score, as it is sentimentally attached to me. It is pretty chunky and noticeable so it is more of a night-out, fancy piece. I call this my number one statement jewellery.

2. My second piece is this, rose gold with white leather, Rabanna watch. It has amazing design - different, yet classy. The little crystals add more shine and glamour to the whole look of the bracelet-watch. I consider this less formal, so I often wear in the day-time. It's not that casual either, so it's perfect for transformation in outfit from day to night. Just like the previous one, this watch is also a gift. It is from my sister and it's valuable to me.

3. Black is always classy, right? So my third little gem is this GENEVA watch. The style is similar to the first one and it also has rose-gold detailing. The strap itself is rubber, and that can sometimes be very annoying, as it causes unwanted ''wars" with different clothing-materials and textures. I consider this watch quite casual, but with the right accessories it can be pulled off as more fancy one. I wear this on a daily bases.

4. This is an old, old watch that was a belonging of my grandma. I feel like it is fascinating and unique, as it looks even more stylish with the worn off colours and traditional clock-face. This is a classical watch, and I believe it to be universal -suitable for all places, events and outfits.

5. My fifth arm candy is this gorgeous white watch. This one, just like the previous one is by Q&Q and it's water resistant. My favourite colour of all time is white - classy, fresh and feminine - just like this watch. I have worn it so much and it's glass still has no scratches, so I consider this a BIG PLUS! It's only flaw is the rubber strap. The watch is casual and looks good with pastel colours and floral prints. It goes wonderfully with flowy fabrics.

6. So this is my last and most interesting one of all. It combines in itself my three most favourite things - gold, Paris and watches. The uniqueness in this one hides in the fact, that it is a ring. I love it so much and I think turning watches into rings is interesting and creative idea. I still haven't worn it, but I look forward to doing it.


   So, this is all of my collection. I hope you like it, and hopefully got some inspiration. Please, feel free to leave your comments down below and share this on your social media if you liked it. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more creative and interesting posts. :)))

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  1. I've never seen collection posts so far, I liked yours super much! Keep the good stuff coming. (;