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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: SCANDALEYES Retro glam by Rimmel London

   Okay, so first of all let's begin with the amazingly cute packaging of the mascara. I personally, find it fascinating, and I hope that has nothing to do with my obsession with pandas :D . I feel like the packaging really represents the main purpose of the mascara itself - retro glam. It looks like it's out of a black and white movie and I love it!!! 

   I feel like we should not ignore the catching representation too. I usually don't pay much attention to commercials but this one in particular made me stare. I really like the model Rimmel London choose, because she has SCANDALously big eyes and the make up they did was pretty impressing. The music is really catchy and I feel like everyone would be intrigued by the product after seeing the video. 

   Now let's pay some attention to the product itself. The brush is different from almost all mascaras I've used, and since it's so big in the beginning I found it hard to apply. After a couple of tries, though I got the hang of it and that was the start of my unconditional love towards the Scandaleyes mascara. The hourglass figure really helps putting the product evenly on your lashes and it gives perfect both volume and length.
   However there is one little flaw - I find it hard to put mascara on your lower lashes. The brush is too big and it tends to get messy. It might be just me being clumsy, but i hat to put it in. :)

   And lastly I made a collage of my eyes both with (down) and without (up) the mascara, just to be easier to spot the difference. 

As a conclusion I can say that the mascara is worth buying. The price is a little high,but you get 12 ml of trust-worthy product that enables you to cast a spell on everyone that catches a glimpse of your eyes. The mascara does not smudge and it is pretty enduring - I've even slept with it ( I know it's wrong and unhealthy, but it happens sometimes ;)) and on the next day it still looks flawless. Like I mentioned before - it gives both volume and length and it makes your eyes look big and expressive!

   Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you like it.    Take care! :)

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