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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Confidence and Insecurities

 Today I bumped into this picture and it made me think about it for a couple of minutes... 

   So many people, especially girls, feel insecure about themselves. They try to be something they are not, try to hide something they are and most importantly - do not appreciate and indicate their own uniqueness and perfection. Us people, we tend to form our thoughts about ourselves around the point of view of the society. We are ashamed of what makes us different and we are also put down by every single ,either negative ,or neutral comment. 
   However, there is not a single person on this Planet, that has no talent or that is not unique. Every and each one of us carries within himself power, beyond the boundaries of imagination. We are all different and colourful and that's the importance of our race - we provide the Earth with variety of characters, talents and features. Every one of us is a factory for endless variety of things. 
   Imagine what life would be, if we all could just realize our importance. Unfortunately, the quote on the picture above exposes the present we live in more than perfect. Confidence hides deep, deep inside and the slightest earthquake in our thoughts can bring in down. On the other hand our "insecurities", also known as perfect things that define us and make us who we are, are so strong and put such a hold on us. Not even a blizzard of nice words and comfort can bring an insecurity down. And that makes me sad.

   If there is a single person reading this, I want you to know that you are perfect no matter what. Even if you hide in your shell and you're scared to show your true colours - please know that you have nothing to be ashamed of or scared to share. Express yourself. Be bold. Be brave. The universe love these people. 

  And even though I know it's pretty easy saying it, and super hard doing it - it is not impossible. I fight with my insecurities everyday, and like every other person on Earth, it is easier for me to say it, than do it. I am quite the opposite of brave and bold. I let the slightest thing bring me down and break my spirit. I question my abilities and my originality. But after all, one thing cheers me up and brings me hope... One of the most prosperous designers, gets his inspiration  and finds the beauty in me. He finds it in you. He finds it in himself. That's Marc Jacobs and these are his words... 

 ... So whenever you are feeling down, remember that Marc Jacobs looks up to you for his inspiration. Anyone that judges you is twice as, if not more, insecure than you. If someone is judging you, you are probably better than them. So don't let insecurities bring you down, but let them lead you into the stairway to confidence, happiness and success. :) 


  1. Keep up the good work, its an intresting read and very well put together! :)