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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things people should learn to say more often

 The things we should learn to say more? There is a pretty long list of things I would like to hear more often, so I will share, because I could never change the world If I don't spread the word first. :) So let's begin!

    I would absolutely adore it, if first of all people learn to say the word "Please" more. If you have troubles, or you are in a dark place, why not firstly ask for help. Isn't the reason of being alive helping others? No one would ever discourage you if it's a friend or a family member. Saying "please" is not weakness, but rooting for your close ones, and giving them the opportunity to show you their loyalty. You'll be surprised by how warm can people be towards you if you just ask for it! :)

   The second most wanted word would have to be "Sorry". Why not apologize more? If you hurt someone and you regret it, don't feel hopeless and don't act like you have nothing to do. Saying "Sorry" , that's coming out of your heart will always be appreciated. If not, you have nothing to loose. You know, saying sorry can only mean one thing- that you are strong enough to embrace the fact that you make mistakes and that your relationships with people are more important than your ego.

   I forgive you? Or a simple "It's okay". Forgiveness and love are the only things that our hearts are made of. So if you want to be a person, not an empty body, you should learn to forgive. We all make mistakes, but if we never forgave each other, the Earth would have been a terrible place to live in. I mean, no friendships, no hugs, no smiles. A place full of lonesome. So don't be harsh on someone that is apologizing. Like I said a truthful "sorry" can be recognized a thousand miles away. So if an apology is coming from the heart, why not answer with forgiveness taken from the same place. 

   "Thank you" - it wouldn't hurt if we use it more regularly! I feel like we are taking everything for granted these days. Your parents give you breakfast money everyday. Your friends listen to your bull***t all the time. No one has to give you their place at the bus station. No one is obliged to give you a hand when you fall down. No one needs to say a nice word when you've done something right. But sometimes they do. And when people do that it would be nice to say "thank you". Thanking means that you are not a spoiled brat, but a person who knows the value of things and it is thankful for everything that he/she receives - from a smile to a one billion dollar car. ;)

   Let's say more often - "you're welcome". What's the point of doing something nice or helpful, if you hated doing it and you do not intend on doing it again. Oh, you didn't felt that way? Okay, but if you don't let me know by saying that I'm welcome I could never know. Let's just be better to each other, let's just spread nice emotions and vibes. Let others know that as long as they need you, you'll be there to hand them a shoulder. You never know - you might end up with wrist full of best friends. 

I am not trying to teach morals. Neither can I , since I'm just starting to live life. I know every one of us have it's own life, own experiences and own understandings of life. I know not everyone takes it easy and I know that saying some words is sometimes bitter if you don't really feel it. But you know what they say - fake it, 'till you make it. I personally think that we would all enjoy our natural habitat more, if we simply use those words more. If we are all nice to each other, we bond. If we bond we are unbreakable. I keep that in mind, you keep it too. ;)      

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