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Monday, January 27, 2014

How to apply the perfect winged eye-liner?

    Hello you beautiful creature! If you are a lady you probably know about the war that has been going around for centuries - the war between the females and the winged eye liner. It always turns out messed up, right? It is always different on both sides and you have zero control over the eye-liner wand. Not anymore ... ;)

    I found this new and creative way to make your eye-liner look perfect without throwing away so many and valuable nerve cells. Okay so, this actually do not include an actual eye liner, but an eye pencil. You would be like "Duuuuh, everyone knows that, but there is no place for comparison between the smudgy eye-pencil and the precise liquid eye-liner ". You are right, but what if I told you I found a way to put on your cat-eye with a regular eye-pencil without smudging and still looking clean and shiny as if it's made with gel or liquid eye-liner.

     Okay so all you'll have to get is the usual black eye-pencil and a lighter. The first thing you should do is light the lighter and for a second put the tip of your pencil in the flame. Then you get it out and you try it on your hand. It should have turned out like gel and then you apply. Do not apply if it's too hot. After you are done with one eye, do the same thing all over again and create the other eye too.
     I made pictures for you to see the result, but they didn't turn out well. I'll include them anyway, because i don't have another appropriate footage. The second's picture resulution is bad, but we'd have to bare with that. :) 

I also found a great video of this tip on youtube so make sure you check it out! :)

    I hope I was somewhat hopeful and make sure you leave your feedback in the comment section below whether you liked it or not. Stay tuned for more articles and Join my site ( button on the right) to keep you updated when I post. Thank you for your attention. :) 

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