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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Favourite Golden Rose nail-polishes!!! :)

Hello there! I just loved making collection hauls and I feel like you enjoyed them too, so here is another one. I represent you My favourite Golden Rose nail-polishes. These are my favourite nail polishes anyway, but since they are all by Golden Rose I decided to dedicate this only to this brand. If you would like to see my other nail-polishes feel free to leave your requests in the comments below! Also if you like this article and you want to see more, please sign up for my site! 

The first one, probably the one that I use the most is this rose-gold, glittery nail-polish. It's by the jolly jewels collection and It's super fancy. It is suitable for all occasions, I believe, but during the holiday season it is outstanding! It pairs really great with black nail-polish (both mat and shiny) and with neutral colours such as beige and champaign.

The second one is by the same collection, but it's more in the silver tones. It creates the effect of having little glittery icicles on your nails and it's super beautiful. It goes great with all shades of pink nail-polishes,white and blue ones. It has one awful feature though - it is incredibly hard to remove it.

This one I use all the time - hot pink. It's so girly and cute that I just can't seem to ever let it go. I've gotten so many compliments while wearing this. It can be a little scary, when you apply it for the first time as it is neon, but once you get used to it I'm sure you're going to fall in love with it! This nail-polish is in my summer essentials!

This is the ultimate nail-polish must have - beautiful burgundy! I love this, it's so classy! I recommend it for special nights out and dinner parties. It's a little bit classier so I feel weird wearing it on daily basis, but I wouldn't mind seeing it on anyone's nails, anywhere, any time! 

White - the biggest trend of the summer! I am a little bit conservative towards it, but this one in particular is really beautiful. It gives a thick layer and dries fast. The only disadvantage is the small amount! 

And last but not least - this AMAZING top-coat. When you put it on, it gives the illusion of thick, big nails! Ha, that was really weird form of expression! But I promise you, you won't be disappointed, it saves your nail-art for the longest time! After 2 weeks it's still shiny and neat - looking. 

Okay you beautiful creatures, this was for my nail-polishes collection. Hope you liked it, and please share it on your social media , so that your friends can enjoy it too! :) :) :)

Have a lovely day! 


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