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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello you wonderful creatures! Long time no see! I just wanted to spread some love on the holiday of love and maybe make you feel happy on this day with my wishes for you! 

So first of all I just wanted to put the question, why worry if you're single? Single or not, going out with your significant other or with friends, or even just chilling at home,watching a good movie and eating heart-shaped pizza. Who cares? Let's celebrate LOVE!

LOVE is not necessarily romantic. You love your friends , your parents, the whole family, your classmates, your pets and so much more. Why put so much thought into "feeling lonely", when you can go on and spread some love! You can make so many people smile at this very day! You can show everyone that you LOVE LIFE and that's the main reason to celebrate. 
I made my friends some cute little valentine's day notes, and they loved it! I saw a ton of smiles today! I received Valentine Cards from my girlfriends and I can assure you that it's meaningful and amazing to show love to your friends and to get love from your friends on this day. It will be a double effect - happiness for you, happiness for them!

Also, who is the person you love the most? The person that you CAN NOT live without? Who is the person that's always next to you, for worse or for better? Yeah, that's right... IT'S YOUR OWN SELF!!!! Treat yourself today. Pamper yourself. Show love to yourself. RELAX. LOVE LIFE. And you can never know how sexy loving yourself can be! You will attract a lot more attention and looks ( AND VALENTINES) if you feel, look and be confident in yourself. If you look like you own this sh*t. BECAUSE YOU DO!!


My wishes for everyone reading this, young or old, boy or a girl, a sea of LOVE. I wish you nothing but endless happiness and surprising emotions! I wish you can all look in the mirror and see the beauty that looks back at you! I wish you receive the most amazing gift of life - endless friendship and love. I wish you all a very merry celebration and If you feel lonely, don't because love is everywhere but mostly inside of you... 


*** You wanna surprise someone but you kinda forgot to prepare something? Okay seriously, check GOOGLE right now and you'll know what to do! 


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