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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Favourite Lip-wear

    Hello lovelies!
I decided to do a favourite lip-wear blog post. I want to apologize for the bad quality of some of the pictures, but my camera was freaking out, and I noticed when the pics were already on my computer. I didn't have the time to take new shots, so I hope thats okay with you guys. I am sorry in advance.

    Okay now let's jump into it....

    The first one that I picked out, is this IMPALA Brooklin lip gloss in nude shade. I've had it for the longest time and I love it so much. It is sparkly, but not over the top. It doesn't only make your lips look fabulous, but it also softens them. Other great feature is that it has UV filters,that keep your lips safe in the sun and vitamin E,which is really great for your lips.

    My second choice is this perfect soft pink lipstick. It is really beautiful and unlike other pink lipsticks, it doesn't make your lips look yellow. It has one disadvantage, though - it tends to wear out fast. It is almost mat and it looks really good with pale skin like mine. It's by some unknown brand - Baolishi, but surprisingly it's good quality and it doesn't dry out the lips.

    The third favourite is this peach-coloured lipstick. This is probably my most favourite one out of all. It really creamy and nice on the lips. It stays on for such a long time if there is not kissing included. ;) Haha, but seriously such a nice lipstick. It's by the brand Flormar, which if you've followed my blog for some time,you know that I love. The colour is a little bit different than what you see on the pictures.

   And lastly - the ultimate red lip. Now these pics are with the worse quality, so once again, please excuse me. I love this lipstick, but it's a little but sheer, but buildable. The colour itself it's beautiful, but to wear this you should have really soft and smooth lips ( unlike mine, ha :D ) It's by yet another low-priced brand - Classics, but the quality is amazing and I love it. 

These were my favourite lip products. I hope you liked this blog post and please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below. :) 

P.S. As you can tell I use a ton of non-high-end cosmetics, and I am proud and satisfied with it. I want to bust the myth that only high-end cosmetics are worth buying! :)

Have a lovely day!


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