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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is finally here!

   Hello there peeps! I just wanted to share my happiness over the fact that is now officially spring! 

   As I've mentioned before, my favourite season of all is summer, but spring is quite a change after the cold and unfriendly winter. Even though where I live this winter was really mild and snow-less I still feel super excited about spring and the warm weather!

   Since today is the official beginning of spring, I wanted to list off a couple of things I love about this season a.k.a. a couple of things that you can read if you need to lift your spirit!
1. Nature is coming back to life! It's finally this time of the year, when the gloomy grey skies and lands, get exchanged with colourful and clear skies and sights. 

2. Layering becomes more and more optional, rather than essential.

3. Spring breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

4. SUN is UP! :) 

5. Easter! 

6. Pastel coloured clothes, accessories and everythiiiiiiing!

7. Songbirds! 

8. Switching the boots to sneakers.

9. Outdoors activities.

10. And last, but in no means least - one step closer to SUMMER! :) 

     And finally, I wanted to mention, that spring is the symbol of new beginning. If you are not happy with something, now is the time to make a change. Let the happiness of the world's awakening inspire you to create a more healthy and happy attitude. Don't let the sorrow of yesterday to darken your tomorrow. Keep in mind that all you have to do to be happy is to open your heart to the beauty of the world. Now get your bathing suit and go to have some spring fun, just like you should! 

     Oh I almost forgot - here's a picture of me enjoying the first rays of sunshine! Happy spring yall! 

Take care and keep your smile on! :) 

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  1. Sun is up is defiantly my favorite thing. Sun makes me feel happy and vibrant, and who doesn't loves some lovely rays on their skin?
    Loved this post, it gave me good chills! xx