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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunny OOTD

   Hello there beauties! 

   I am back with a new OOTD. I was on excursion with my class in the bulagrian city Veliko Tarnovo, that is known for being a city of antient majestic kings, whose castles and royal towers are still there to this day. I was fascinated by the beauty of this place and the feelings that it brought to me. I was enchanted by the view and touched by stories I heard. Enough with the rambling though, here are the pictures!  

   I am wearing this pink flannel button up shirt, that it's by Tally Weijl. It is absolutely amazing and really feminine. It has beautiful jewels on the collar, that I absolutely adore ( I am terribly sorry but I didn't have the time to snap a closeup!). I am wearing a pair of plain black skinny jeans that I got from H&M and a rose-gold wrist watch that I got from Bershka. On my feet I am wearing those really nice sneakers with high platfotm. 

   I hope you enjoyed!
   Have a nice day! :) 


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