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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


   Hello there!!!!

   I just recently had a birtday. And not any ordinary birthday, but the birthday of maturity and lagality! Ha! It was my eighteen birthday and because of my friends and family, it was the best birthday I've ever had so far!

Have you ever seen someone happier? I know I haven't!!!

   So since this was such an amazing and memorable experience for me, I decided to share it with the world. We had so much fun, but we also took a few snaps. Here they are and I hope that you can somehow get the vibes of how wonderful this party was!!!

   I've come to the realization, that not everything can be just the way you planned it to be. I had a couple of things on this day that were nowhere near perfect. I didn't like my cake, neither my hair. My boyfriend couldn't attend. However, in the long term, the day was magical. Everything went smooth, and I felt so good. The party was amazing, my friends had fun. We danced all night, laughed and had a great time. So yeah, not everything goes by plan, but it goes even better! I wouldn't change a thing.

Soulmates! <3

   And lastly, I want to thank everyone who made this day so perfect for me. I want to thank my parents first of all for MAKING ME (hahaha) and second of all for everything they've done. I want to thank my sister for cooperating, making the birthday and the birthday treats possible. And of course, huge thank you to my friends. I thank them for being there, for being with me, for celebrating, for dancing, for smiling. And... for the best presents ever, of course!

No caption needed... I love them! 

The epic 4! <3
   Though the best present was their presence! 

Sisters <3

Black, white and looooveeee <3

   That's it! I hope you enjoyed and I hope that your birthdays are all at least 10 times more exciting than mine! :) 

Pure happiness! <3

I swear, we tried having a normal picture! lol <3

Have a nice day!


  1. Amazing ❤����������

  2. Happy birthday sweetheart!! I Hopw you had an amazing time! You know my bwst friend had her birthday recently too, would you mind checking my article too? :))

  3. so than HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! you looked very pretty, love the blouse you wore

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