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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer adventures... and apologies!

   Hello there, lovelies!

   I think I have a little bit of explaining to do... or a lot! I know I haven't uploaded in quite some time, or should I say a month and a half!? I am terribly sorry! After my birthday I kinda wanted to take a little break to enjoy my summer. But then a couple of other things came along and this would be the perfect time to explain them...

  So after my birthday, like I said, my ridiculous laziness kept me back. Then, after July was gone, I started my reading for school. I don't know how the time passed by so fast, but within a blink of my eyes, it was the 10th of August. And that's where one of the bestest  adventures of my life so far (omg so dramatic) began!          

   I became a camper in the Leadership Academy GLOW! It is the usual summer learning camp, but way cooler! There, I had tons and tons of fun, that I wouldn't trade for the world. I wanted to take a minute to thank all the amazing people I met there. They made me feel more confident than ever before. I found people just as crazy and free as I was. I felt so good in my own skin, I didn't feel like a chameleon that always has to blend in. I felt like I belonged! 
   And I am so happy I met so many friends from all across the country. I don't feel like including names, because I am sure they know who they are. If you are reading this, please smile because you can be sure, you now have someone that will always be there for you! Now, just a month later I feel super nostalgic, because I already miss them. Enough with the rambling, let me show some pictures! (Some of them are blurry, but I guess you'd have to cope with it. lol) 

We look overwhelmed with excitement and I don't mind it! 

Spreading happiness for charity with the team! :) 

Being fabulous! (as always)

Pure happiness! <3

Here's my personal favourite! 

Dancing spree 

Words aren't enough to describe this. <3


The epic finale.... 

   Immediately after the camp was over I started work - let's say it is not easy to wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and come home at 4 p.m. exhausted as hell. So naturally after I come back from work everyday the first thing is to take a shower and then pass out at least until 9 p.m. Then, since it's still Summer Break, we gotta work on those social contacts, right? So I go out, and when I come back I go to bed yet again..... So, yes you guessed it - zero time for blogging!

   You'd say, what about the weekends? When I am not sleeping all day, I sure as hell want to relax a little bit - mentally. So I went on an amazing weekend getaway with my boyfriend! It was so refreshing, that I felt quite heartbroken when I realised that at some point we'll have to leave. Laying on the beach for hours and hours, and having zero responsibilities? YES, PLEASE! Here are some snaps! 

The bae and myself taking selfies... priceless! lol

How wonderful is our sand castle, huh?

Me being a typical girl, capturing her coffee....

What can I say - frozen yoghurt and pink? My favourite things in life



   Now you know what kept me away from the keyboard! I promise that I will make sure to make it up to you!  

   Hope you enjoyed my little update, and don't forget to have a splending day! 


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