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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dressed in sunset

   Hello there beautiful creatures!

   Today I have yet another OOTD for you! I named it Dressed in Sunset, since I feel like those are the colours you see in the beautiful twilight.

   I love having those colours on me, since they are pretty and soft,yet playful and childish. I have on this really flowy pink blouse on that is breathable and comfortable. My shorts are high waisted and nice and they are the perfect length! They have mini pink flowers on them, which bring up the colour of the shirt.


   I feel like the outfit is summer approved and with all those beautiful colours there's no way you can get ignored by any golden ray of sunshine! 

   Have  a nice day, everyone!


  1. Love ur top :)

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  2. so lovely shirt!! muaa

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  3. you look great, I really love it, kisses my dear

  4. Thank you for leaving such sweet comment on my blog darling. I love your style too, you are just so beautiful. I have followed you, hopefully you will follow me back. Keep visiting, you are always welcome :) x

  5. nice :)