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Friday, July 4, 2014

NEON Nails for the Summer!

   Hello there beautiful people!

   As you all know, it's summer!!! (duuuuh!) And what do we do in summer? HAVE FUN! And I ain't seeing no better way to celebrate the summer, than with some FUN Neon nails! 

   Usually, I always go for pink nail polish... I don't know why but baby pink, nude pink, vibrant pink, all types of pink. This summer, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and purchase a Neon yellow/lime coloured nail polish. And you know what? I love it super frickin' much! 

   You will never guess what brand the nail polish is - GOLDEN ROSE, of course! Best polishess ever. This one is not an exception. 

   It is from the Holiday collection and it is also a sand nail polish. It has little glitters in it and by the sunlight your nails look amazing with it on! It is a little bit of struggle to put it on without painting your whole fingers, but however it dries super fast!

  I have a couple of shots of my nails. The colour is not the same as in person but I tried my best to represent it as truthfully as I could. 


Thumbs up for my painting skills!!! lol

  Thank you so much for reading!I hope you liked it and have a wonderful day!


  1. wow love your nails! its perfect for summer, i really want funky nails for summer too x

    Thank you for visiting my blog, i will definitely follow your blog to see more amazing, hope you will too! xx

  2. These nails are definitely great for summer. Love the yellow neon shade!


  3. Wow this colour is lovely for summer !
    Love your nail shape :)

  4. thank you for lovely comment on my blog! of course we can follow each other :)

  5. Fun polish. I love neons for summer.

  6. hello beautiful: perfect nail lacquer and offers attractive and beautiful nails, do you think if we keep? kisses :)

  7. I love Golden Rose nail polishes! the shade is fab! xx