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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today is a gift, that's why it's called present

   Hello there lovely people!

   Today I will talk about something that I feel super close and attached to. It is something that makes you feel good, something that it's truthful and calming. Something that keeps your attitude positive and your life stress-free. And that's living in the moment.

  All things beautiful, right, what has this to do with beauty? I believe that a person can be shining and beautiful on the outside, only if the inside is calmed and free. A person can be glowing and gorgeous only if the mind and the spirit do not fight the physical. That's why I think that from time to time is good for us to talk about the beauty of our own mental world, and try a healing process. You don't have to be broken to try to heal it, you just have to be open minded about the posibilities you can find if you dig deeper and let go of the everyday stressing situations.

   People that know me well would know that I often forget about this advice. I feel super anxious about the future, it scares me to death because I am not one of those people that has planned everything out until their late 30s or something. A lot of times the words of others get to me and make me feel bad. Sometimes even the smallest and stupidest little things can turn my day around and put me in a bad mood.

   But then I remember the one thing that keeps me going. The one saying that inspires me to be thankful for every waking minute. And that's something that I actually learned from the disney animation "Kung-Fu Panda"... Hahaha it sounds weird, but usually the most important messages are delivered in simple packaging. The saying is...

 Today is a gift, that is why it is called present. 

   And it's so true! Why waste a day, that has been gifted to you to be lived at it's best, for worrying or being sad. Why bothering yourself about the things you have no control of. Yes, the future is sure as hell something you create, but you create your future with every little thing you do. You create your future with the breakfast you decide to have this day. You create your future by smiling at a stranger. You create your future self by being yourself in the present moment. That also reminds me of another saying by the chinese philosopher Laozi (also known az Lao Tzu):

   So yeah, the next time you feel really discouraged by your past mistakes, or super anxious about your future try to incorporate this saying into your daily attitude. 

   I hope you liked this little rambling and I hope you don't mind it being not so fashion or beauty inspired. It was also quite cheese and hippie oriented! However I strongly want it to be somewhat inspiring or helpful!

   I really do want you to love the idea of inner peace as much as the idea of outrageously beautiful outer half. I do believe they are both connected and really important.

   Have a nice and happy day!

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