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Monday, October 6, 2014

Top 3 Denim Trends This Fall

   Hello there, ladies!

   Let's pour ourselfs a cup of hot tea or... chocolate and let's jump into this fall's trends! From what I've seen on TV, celebrities and fashion magazines I've come up with the TOP 3 DENIM TRENDS this Fall. Are you ready to be trendy? Here they are....

Everlasting (a.k.a. Black and White)

  • The first one is pretty everlasting. Yup, you guessed it - skinny jeans. But not just any skinny jeans - the rocker skinny jeans!And by 'rocker' I mean black leather, zips and rips. Distressed is your best friend. It is something that can look super grungy and edgy. It can also look trendy, stylish and on point. It's up to you and both ways gorgeous. However little disadvantage is the fact that we need our blood to circulate in our feet too.. Oh well, at least them jeans look flyyyyyy!
   Celebrities, and mostly adventurous pop-rock artists rock the black distressed and zipped jeans on the daily. Here's some snaps of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato literally rocking the rocker jeans.

Get the rocker jeans on

  • This next trend I am personally attatched to. I don't know if you have predictions, or you will be shocked, but the next fall jean-wise trend is white. Yes, white jeans. For Fall. We are all so used to burgundy, military and black, that we are kinda reserved when it comes to light colours in our beloved Autumn. Well, not this year. This year's cold months are all about white skinny jeans. 
   Ciara is a proud wearer of them white jeans ever since 2009. And who can blame her, since her mocha coloured skin fits perfectly with them. She wears white jeans from the streets, to the stage and finally the red carpet. 

   Another mocha-skinned girl is a fan of snow-white's fashion and that's RiRi. She's been rocking them white jeans just like Ciara, ever since the beggining of her carreer. No wonder why...

New entry

   Next up is the new entry! I personally adore it! So bold!

   The patchwork jeans are the hottest new trend. It first started in 2013, but it is super in this season. It is unusual and interesting. It is quite casual, but in the same time it adds the amazing twist that everyday outfits usually need. I am sure that it is not everybody's cup of tea, but for the adventurous ladies it's a new and fun way to expiriment. 
   As "patchwork" itself suggests, this trend is going to be in for so many and different people. For example models, including Cara Delevingne, actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Hilary Duff, and music artists like Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora. 

                   Get the patchwork jeans on

 That's it you, guys! I hope you liked this "trendy" post. Stay glowing and on point!

   Have a nice day! 

!!DISCLAIMER!! I do not own any of these pictures, I found them on the internet, using google and turned them into collages. 

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  1. i love the patchwork trend! seems so fresh and new! :)