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Friday, November 7, 2014

Everyday Fall Make Up - Dark lips!

   Hello there, lovelies! 

   Today I am here with a new, fresh and quite simple make up tutorial! It is perfect for the dark and gloomy days of Fall, because it has a pop of beautiful berry colours! 

    To start off, you are going to need a set of 3 brushes - a flat one, for applying the base colour, a small, semi-blending brush for the transitional colour and a big blending brush, for the darkest colour, and for blending the whole look together. 


   Firstly, you want to start with clean, moisturized and primed lids.
   The first colour you are going to apply is this beautiful light beige colour. If you don't have the exact same colour, you can use any beige or skin coloured shadow. You want to put it on your lid.

   Then, you use a berry colour. It can be as dark or as light as you want. You would want to put this in your crease. We use this as a transitional colour, but also an emphasis colour. It should be the brightest of the trio.

   Lastly, on the outer corner of, both, your crease and lid, we want to put the darkest colour. Again, it can be as light or dark as you prefer. I am using this shimmery greyish lilac colour.You want to blend it really well, and bring it up to your crease. Blend the whole look together.


   To finish off the look you want to add mascara and colour your lips in a dark berry lip stick. I am using the EYEKO Sports mascara and a Golden Rose lip stick in number 111.


   Voila! You are left with the perfect Fall Make Up!!!

   I hope you enjoyed! Please make sure to leave your feedback in the comment section below and tell me what posts you would like to see next!

   Have a nice day!


  1. Love that lip color!

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  2. That lipstick colour is gorgeous! Great post! would love to see a review on golden rose lipsticks!

  3. I absolutely loved the look!!! I agree - a review on golden rose lipsticks will be perfect and really helpful! Thank you!