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Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Favourites 2014

   Hello there, lovelies!

   Long time no see! Lately I am lacking motivation, inspiration or simply - time! I haven't had enough time to post, but hopefully I will in the spirit of the Holiday Season. Anyways, it is almost DECEMBER, and it's time for last month's favourites.


   For beauty I've been experimenting a lot with lip colours. So for the month of November I've been loving the Baby Lips by Maybelline in PINK PUNCH. It has this gorgeous pink tint that is quite girly and delicate. It is really moisturizing and it makes your lips soft as a baby's bum. It is perfect for the cold months. My other lip favourite is quite the opposite - the COLOR DRAMA dark lip pencil, again by Maybelline. The colour is gorgeous and winter-approved. It is also long lasting. One disadvantage - it dries out the lips. That's not a big problem, though if you use a good lip balm underneath.

   Next I've been loving my new One by One Maybelline Mascara. I don't have much to say about it, other than the fact that is perfect. The brush is way too big to use on the downer lashes, but the great quality of the product compensates for that.

   My last beauty-related product is my Lollipop Cosmetics Professional Makeup Palette. It is my all time favourite, but lately I've been trying out many and new make up looks and I feel absolutely obsessed with it. Comment down below if you want to see tutorials. 


   For music, I am no different from anyone else - I love what's HOT right now. And by hot I mean Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez kind of hot. I've been loving The Heart Wants What It Wants and Blank Space. This whole month I've been listening to Maroon 5 new album - V. I am their biggest fan since forever. And lastly - I adore the new song by Years & Years - Desire. I am getting really into their type of music, let me know what are your favourite songs by the trio.

   To get into the chritstmas spirit, I've also been listening to Jimmy Durante's Make Someone Happy - such a cheerful and festive song. I love it! 


For movies my top 2 favourites of this month are In Secret and One Small Hitch. Both really intresting and thoughtful, I am not going to say anything so that I don't spoil you.

Youtube Channels 

   Okay, this month I re-watched ALL of Pince Ea's videos in YouTube, and let me tell you they are perfection at it's finest. If you need motivation, inspiration or positivity in any kind you should totally check him out!

   I also found a new youtuber - Julia Hunt, you may know her from her blog - Becoming Juliet. She is cheerful, funny and really beautiful. She talks about everything , from fitness to beauty to phylosophy and relationships. She's also an actress so you can only imagine how expressive she is! She is so worth it! 

    So, these were my November Favourites! I really do hope you enjoyed and that this was somewhat helpful to you. Please make sure you leave your comments, suggestions and blogpost ideas down below. Thank you for reading!

   Have an amazing day!
   Much Love

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