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Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: The One By One Mascara by Maybelline

   Hello there, lovelies!

   How are you doing? How is the festive season going so far? Mines been great! Okay, today I am representing one of my November favourites and that's the One by One Mascara by Maybelline. If you're interested in getting luscious eyelashes, keep on reading!

   I'll start out with the fresh and colourful packaging that just catches the eye. It is playful and it is a great combination of coulours - who knew that turquoise and orangy-red would look so nice together?! To be honest, that was the main reason, why I wanted to buy this mascara. Yes, that's how much control good looking things have over me.

   Now let's talk about the quality of the product. The mascara is in black and it does amazing work when it comes to exaggerating the eyes. The wand is super thick and, although it gives great volume, I would definitely recommend combing through your lashes first with thinner brush. Also, I am still mastering applying it on the downer lashes. I think that if you are a newbie with this mascara, you would want to use other, thinner mascara brush for them.

   Other than that, this mascara is quite amazing. I find it super lasting, and once you've applied it a certain way it stays the same throughout the day. If you have your eyelashes curled before applying the One By One Mascara, it looks even better.

   (Before I say good-bye, I want to just greet all of you with a song that I find quite inspiring and empowering! Feel free to leave your favourite POWER songs in the comment section below. Now here's to a powerful Monday, Week and LIFE! :))

   That was it for today! Make sure that you leave your feedback down below if you've used or you're about to use this amazing mascara! Also be welcome to leave your suggestions for blog posts!

   Have an incredible day!