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Monday, January 20, 2014


"A dying friend once told me - I wish I hadn't spent so many Mondays wishing it were Fridays. I also wish I had make better use of Fridays, for better stories on Monday..."
 - A Wolf's Thoughts 

    So as you woke up today, your first thought was of course - "Oh, no!! Monday again!", but in reality Monday is just a day - nothing more, nothing less. We put so much stress in one word, that even mentioning it can bring you anxiety. As it is said in the quote above - life is too short to divide your life in categories such as Monday - Yuck day and Friday - Party day. 

    You are the controller of your life. You decide how each day will go by. You should always make the best out of everyday and you should always wake up with a full on face of Happiness. Unless your mind is clear of bad thoughts, you can never attract positive vibes, so each morning wake up with a clear mind and positive attitude!!! 

   Another myth that goes around, is that however your Monday is - the whole week will be as bad or as good. There is no such thing! Every "Tomorrow" is mystery. You can never know, if tomorrow is not going to be the best or the worst day of your life.

    Each day is a string in this blanket that we call our life, and the blanket that will cover our ashes once we're gone. So pretty please, make sure your blanket is colourful and warm and forget about dividing your life into Mondays, Fridays or bad days and good days. All days are good, because they are a gift from God!


...Don't be one of them. :)

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