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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello there! You know how Valentine's day is coming? Don't you dare to be sad if you don't have a date yet! Do not feel alone! Today I watched an amazing, AMAZING mini- movie and I got so inspired! Give it a look and let's begin the exciting topic! :)))))))

( This is just the preview, so here's the link to the full mini- movie - )

 Okay, so now can you tell me that you are not touched or at least a little inspired? I know I am! Seriously, so many people whine and feel insecure and lonely and sad, and this finally makes it clear. It makes clear that one thing that we all should learn to embrace - the power of coincidence, or the power of not having any coincidences. 

    There is a legend that says that human beings - tall, small, short, wide, tiny, slim, skinny, plummy, coarse or whatever - we were all firstly made with four arms, four legs, four eyes and all... After awhile the gods got scared that people are too powerful and Zeus decided to separate each body into two halves - both weak and hopeless. Our meaning in life since then, according to the legend, is of course to find our other half and become strong again. And yet, there are so many people suffering from feeling alone and empty, instead of looking for signs.
    Just like this little video shows us, there are no such things as coincidences or the exact opposite - the only things real are coincidences. You choose in what to believe in, but the main purpose of it is to show that nothing is impossible, no one is alone. Today is a regular day so far, but after one hour it might be completely different. 

You can meet your soul-mate every second of every minute of your life. All you gotta do is live it the way you do, do what makes you happy, spread your happiness and enjoy the little things. Pay attention to signs, smile regularly and have faith. Faith, combined with positivity and confidence leads to MIRACLES. You should never give up on love, just because you have spent the last 3 St. Valentine's days at home, eating chocolate. Love comes when it's ready. It comes when you are. Just like that.. So unpredictable. So magical and surprising. 

Be ready for it when it comes, but don't ever get frowny over it being late, because faith does not like a smile upside- down.... ;)

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