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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Oh my God! 

The happiest human beings on Earth right now are my family and me!!! We just welcomed my cousin's baby angel girl and we are happy over the moon! I cannot express how happy I am right now and what a rush of emotions and energy I have! I wanted to share this, just because I feel like I can pass on the good energy and maybe get you inspired or at least happy!

So I was excited from the very start, but I never knew how excited I will be when the day comes and the little princess is already in the world! I still haven't hold her, but I am sure that when I do, that would be an emotion that I never had and I look forward to it! 

I just realized what it feels to be super happy about something or someone and being ready to just give out every piece of you for it! I am so happy that our family expanded a little bit more with this piece of blessed meat! (ha-ha <3)

 I hope that everyone one day feels what we feel right now and I wish everyone can have such rush of positive thoughts and emotions! I am super excited and I really want you to flash a smile for that life that has been born today and with your thoughts send some beautiful feed towards us!

Have a blessed day like mine!


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