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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Always believe in yourself and your possibilities!

   Hello there lovelies!

   I just recently participated in a competition, where you had to write an interesting story based upon a headline they give you. It is called Creative Writing Competition, which if you aren't familiar with is a competition made for high-school students to see how creative they are and to find out how good are their writing skills.

   Guess what? I won it! I was rated 1-st place from all the participants in my country (All 11th graders). I am really excited and I am sharing this with you not to brag, but to let you know that everything is possible!

   Last year I participated in this competition and I only made it from Regional to National round. To be honest, I had my expectations high, and I was quite disappointed when I found out that I wasn't on the winning list. I liked my essay a lot more than I like this one. But I never quit anyway. So my point is, that no matter what if you like writing, or if you like dancing, or if you like singing, or if you like drawing, or if you like all of them you should never quit! Keep doing it and soon or later you will be rewarded. 
   Also, this is quite the opposite, but it's also true - you are not capable to control everything; some people will like your work, some will dislike it, but the only thing that matters is your own opinion. Give your best and you will feel satisfied, no matter what!

   This is the link to my essay, if you are interested in reading it! (Page 28)

   Thank you for reading and take care!


  1. Hi! I've already followed your blog!
    Truth indeed what did you say in ur post :D


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  3. Вдъхновяващ пост!
    Поздравления за конкурса.