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Saturday, April 5, 2014

My favourite Celebrity Styles

   Hello people! :)

   Today I am sharing with you my favourite celebrity styles. Take a look and dive into fashion!

   I am firstly going to start with the more chilled wearers. I feel like the hip-hop vibe is so in right now, but I don't think that it suits everyone. This one lady, though rocks it perfectly. It's Zendaya! She is all about the comfort, but damn, no other looks better when feeling comfy. Every time I look at her pictures I want to go on and dress like her! I love me some feminine looks, but this tough style suits Zendaya so much, that it makes it hard for me to choose which style I love more - feminine or this one. She looks amazing. Also, I feel like she is going to be the little version of RiRi, she is all it needs- talanted, beautiful and stylish, like her.

   She is definitely not a disappointment on the red carpet too! She looks stunning, as always! :)

   My second choice of the comfy spectrum is Selena Gomez. I must confess, I am not a big fan of her own personal style, as it can look a bit tatty sometimes. Here are some of her outfits, that I actually enjoy.

   On the red carpet, Selena is amazing! I love her classy and settled looks. She always looks like a lady!

   Now let's roll over to the more girly and feminine style lovers. I am going to start off with my all time favourite singer - Ariana Grande. She is so beautiful, it hurts! Her voice - unbelievable! But let's talk style now- she is one of the most feminine celebrities ever! She looks so perfect in her mini skirts and high heels. She looks like and angel and I am a huge fan of both - her personal and on the red carpet style! She always looks classy, in my opinion!

    She looks like a princess on the red carpet!

   Next comes up the women I think always, ALWAYS look stylish! They are my biggest style inspiration and I truly hope that one day I can as stunning and fabulous as them.

   I am going to start with the youngest one of them  - Shay Mitchell! I don't know if it's due to her model career or the fact that she has perfect body, or that she just have a sense of fashion, but she is always incredible looking. Her style is fantastic on the streets and on the carpet. She is always wearing complimenting clothes that make her look even more gorgeous! She is mixing casual with classic and it looks amazing on her! I love it!

   Here are some of her best red-carpet looks. I personally think that she is one of the few celebrities that always looks good on the red carpet. She is classy and trendy.

   Next is another fashion icon - Miranda Kerr. She is gorgeous in every way, not just because she is an Victoria's Secret Angel. She is definitely a celebrity, that every woman should look up to (we are talking fashion wise). She is always good-looking, no matter what. She is always wearing clothes that go perfect with her body type, and she surely knows how to exaggerate her good features. I am a big fan of her personal style. We are bearing in mind the fact, of course, that she has a lot of stylist behind her back and around her to help her with fashion choices. 

   She is also absolutely perfect on the red carpet too. What a sense of fashion she has! Take a look. 

   And last, but not least - Jessica Alba! Can we just take a moment, to observe her beautiful face? I love her! She is one of my favourite actresses ever, and I believe that she is a beauty queen! She, just like Miranda, always dresses great! Her style is sophisticated and classy, trendy and youthful, but appropriate to her age! She is amazing both on the red carpet and in the everyday life! 

   She is stunning on the red carpet! Always looking amazing and well put-together. She is my total idol when it comes to elegant-wear! 

    I hope you enjoyed looking through my fashion inspirations and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. Tell me which one of these beautiful ladies is your favourite and why. 

Have a great day, lovelies! 



  1. They all look so stunning!
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  2. I think she has a very pretty incredible style
    You have a new follower! I would be more than happy to see you on my list as well.

    Daiane Oliveira

  3. They all look amazing but Selena is fabulous :)

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